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Welcome to Santa Barbara and Pride 2004

As Mayor of Santa Barbara, it is my pleasure to welcome you to what is truly one of the most beautiful cities in America, if not the world.

We are proud of our city's natural beauty, Spanish colonial architecture and the sense of ownership our citizens have in our community. We are a city that has a surprising amount of access to art, music and theater for a community of our size. We hope that you will visit Santa Barbara and see why those of us that live here love it so much. offers a wealth of information as to the wide variety of restaurants, nightclubs, retail shops and recreation opportunities that Santa Barbara has to offer. I also urge you to patronize the advertisers of this Guide to support the unity and diversity that is so important in our city.

Have a great time in Santa Barbara!

Marty Blum
City of Santa Barbara

Welcome to Gay Santa Barbara!

On June 26th, 1969, drag queens at the Stonewall Bar in New York City said, "Enough!" and chased harassing police officers down Christopher Street. They may not have known it then but that day marked the birth of our modern gay rights movement. A year later the first Gay Pride Celebrations began and now we join hundreds of millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning people and our allies in thousands of communities around the world as we celebrate that historic day.

As members the population at we are woven into the very fabric of society, at every level and in every community. With that in mind, we are focusing on inclusion this year by inviting participation from a broad range of religious, ethnic, social and business groups, which acknowledge and celebrate our diversity. We plan to continue the family atmosphere so much appreciated by visitors to previous local events and expand on our festival's offerings to provide more emphasis on the cultural arts Santa Barbara is globally renowned for.

The festival is located in the historic heart of our city, Plaza De La Guerra, where event goers can have better access to everything downtown. Casual visitors from State Street, who might otherwise never have set foot in a LGBT pride festival, can now join our celebration too. In the process, more people will learn about who we are, their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers, their neighbors and co-workers… their best friends. Thank you for your interest and participation. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Charles Rice
Executive Director
Gay Santa Barbara Foundation




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